Our Sacrifice

Mezcal Sacrificio

Proudly Mexican tradition and roots

Mezcal Sacrificio is made from 100% hand-selected agave, a native plant, grown and matured in the arid and dry soil from the fields and hillsides of Oaxaca, Mexico.

1. Sowing

More than 100 hectares in Oaxaca of sustainable crops of Espadín and Tobalá agave matured for more than 10 years to achieve the best properties.

2. Harvest

Our hand-selected harvest is focused only on the biggest, richest and best chosen agaves that qualify to give the flavor, strength and smoothness to our Mezcal. The leaves are cut off and the plant´s heart, called piña, is dug up.

3. Cooking

The harvested hearts or piñas, are chopped and cooked at reduced heat in our ovens with mezquite and ocote wood for 2 days. Our oven is specially designed with a sub-chamber below the main pit. To use less wood than traditional ovens which results in a more delicate smoke and more evenly cooked piñas.

4. Grinding

The cooked and smoked piñas or hearts are now transferred to a round pit, called tahona, where a traditional wheel breaks down the cooked agave into a mash to extract the juices.

5. Fermentation

The mashed agave is put in wooden tanks and left in fermentation for 4 days.

6. Artisanal Distillation

Mezcal Sacrificio is doubled distilled. The first distillation happens in copper steel stills where is filtered out and concentrated and then refined during the second distillation in cooper stills.

7. Aging

After a traditional distilling, Mezcal Sacrificio is put into steel tanks where it is balanced for 30 days to enhance the flavor of the agave. Mezcal Sacrificio Reposado is also aged for 3 months in untoasted French oak barrels and Mezcal Sacrificio Añejo for 1 year.

Our Products

Mezcal Sacrificio comes from a traditional recipe with Mexican roots. For each Mezcal we work the land for 10 years to achieve the proper maturity of the Agave and deliver the best quality in each bottle. We take care of the last detail of its elaboration.




Traditionally distilled and then placed in stainless steel tanks for 30 days to enhance the agave flavor while softening the presence of alcohol. Wood, herb and fruity aromas are characteristic.




Intense aromas and flavors originated from combining semi-wild and wild agaves since they are cooked, grinded and fermented together.




Produced from the rare wild agave Potatorum (Tobalá). Fully matured organically harvested agaves.



50% AGAVE ESPADÍN (Angustifolia How)
50% AGAVE BARRIL (Karwinskii)

Intense aromas and flavors originated from combining semi-wild and wild agaves since they are cooked, grinded and fermented together.


Agua Fresca



Rosa Mexicano

La Mezcalería

Mezcal, the kissing drink

In friend´s get togethers or dinner parties that we attend, we have seen different ways of serving Mezcal. But which one is correct? Here we discover the myths and truths to drink Mezcal as it should be.

Recipe: Mezcal Hibiscus Agua Fresca

Looking for a mezcal cocktail recipe to surprise your friends and family? This new Mezcal Sacrificio proposal will undoubtedly be everyone’s favorite.

Where to find us

Exclusive distributor for the USA.

Mezcal Sacrificio is available in 25 states.


UNESDI Distribuciones S.A.

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