Sacrificio Joven


Mezcal Joven (40% ALC./VOL.)

Harvested by hand in the valleys and plains of Oaxaca.

Produced with double distillation from 100% Espadín (Agave angustifolia Haw.), hand-harvested from the Oaxaca Valley plains.


Nose: Well-balanced aromas of roasted maguey blend with herbs and wet earth.

Palate: Earth, roasted agave with citrus notes.

The Fifty Best

The Fifty Best

Perfect With:

Snacks: guacamole with tortilla chips, cheeses


Aguachile and Ceviche

Salads and Carpaccios

La Mezcalería

Mezcal, the kissing drink

In friend´s get togethers or dinner parties that we attend, we have seen different ways of serving Mezcal. But which one is correct? Here we discover the myths and truths to drink Mezcal as it should be.

Recipe: Mezcal Hibiscus Agua Fresca

Looking for a mezcal cocktail recipe to surprise your friends and family? This new Mezcal Sacrificio proposal will undoubtedly be everyone’s favorite.

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