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Botellas Mezcal Sacrificio

El Alma de México

“If you've yet to become enamored with mezcal, Mezcal Sacrificio may well do the trick.”


ROBERT PLOTKIN Is a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and author of 16 books on bartending and beverage management including Secrets Revealed of America’s Greatest Cocktail.

Estados donde puedo encontrar Mezcal Sacrificio
  1. Durango
  2. Tamaulipas
  3. San Luis Potosí
  4. Guanajuato
  5. Jalisco
  6. Michoacán
  7. Guerrero
  8. Oaxaca


The process

What makes Sacrificio unique


Make the most of it

Selected hearts or “piñas” are cut up before being wrapped again for baking in mesquite and ocote pine wood-fired ovens for two days under low, constant, penetrating heat.

Afterward comes the traditional grinding to extract the juices that are collected in wooden tubs where they are left to ferment.


Artisanal distilling

The distilling process is, like with mezcal arts, the most important step after selection of the hearts. Sacrificio is first distilled in steel where in concentrates before being distilled a second time in copper to refine and polish the emerging mezcal.­

A Mano


Sacrificio takes care in all the process, like in the best wines.

  • Hand picked 8 to 10 year old agaves (certified maturity).
  • Ovens are fuelled by mezquite wood (not pine).
  • Both distillation and aging process are closely followed.

The result

This is achieved using a recipe that is centuries old.


Traditionally distilled and then placed in stainless steel tanks for 30 days to produce and enhance the agave flavor while softening the presence of alcohol.



Aging, like in any good recipe, improves the result. After this, however, we exclusively depend on time, and oxygen, to achieve a delicate, refined and tuned product that does not require more toasting than that the one it has already undergone. It is for this reason that we choose un-toasted barrels to obtain the elegance of aging, youth, and the unmistakable delicious fruity and fresh savour of the agave.